Blockchains and the Limits of Ownership

TDN’s latest podcast is a discussion between Sam Roberts of Cooke, Young & Keidan and Michael Jacobs of Locke Lord on the extent to which the law is still a useful guide to interpreting issues like ownership and possession on the blockchain.

In this unscripted conversation, Sam and Michael cover:

  • What a recent example of blockchain performance art has to say about ownership on the blockchain
  • Whether buyers of NFTs ought to read the codified ‘small print’ of smart contracts
  • The possible uses of smart contracts for evading enforcement and certain legal obligations
  • Practical tips to avoid getting scammed by ‘airdropped’ tokens

You can listen to this new episode on the track player below, or listen to all episodes on our Podcasts page, as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

We very much hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and thank you for your continued support of the TDN.

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