Crypto & career advice – an interview with Stephen Houseman QC

TDN’s latest podcast is a discussion between Sam Roberts of Cooke, Young & Keidan and Stephen Houseman QC of Essex Court Chambers, who, sitting as a Deputy Judge of the London Circuit Commercial Court, gave judgment on the recent crypto case, Wang v Darby.

In this unscripted conversation, Sam and Stephen cover: 

  • Stephen’s career and current area of focus in his commercial practice
  • Tips for aspiring advocates in the dark art of persuading judges, from the perspective of someone who has seen both sides
  • Whether Wang v Darby was a true crypto case, or just a case involving crypto
  • What the future holds for crypto in litigation 

You can listen to this new episode on the track player below, or listen to all episodes on our Podcasts page, as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

We very much hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and thank you for your continued support of the TDN.

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