Examining the Issues of the Wirecard Accounting Scandal

We are very pleased to welcome Sam Roberts of Cooke, Young & Keidan, to present the fifth episode of the Tech Dispute Network’s ‘Need to Know Basis’ podcast series on the issue of the Wirecard accounting scandal.

Wirecard, once a darling of the Fintech world and a rare example of a European champion in the sector, caused shockwaves around the financial world when it collapsed amidst an enormous accounting scandal in June 2020. Although the details are still unravelling, it appears that at the scandal’s heart was fraudulently inflated profits, falsified contracts and nearly EUR 2 billion in missing cash.

Sam Roberts is a Senior Associate and Solicitor Advocate at CYK specialising in Fintech disputes. Sam is a co-founder of the Tech Disputes Network and a regular contributor to industry and legal publications on technology and law.

You can listen to this new episode on the track player below, or listen to all episodes on our Podcasts page, as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

We very much hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and thank you for your continued support of the TDN.

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