International Data Transfers Following the CJEU Decision in Schrems

We are very pleased to welcome Paul Schwartfeger of 36 Commercial, part of The 36 Group to present the third episode of the Tech Dispute Network’s ‘Need to Know Basis’ podcast series on the implications for international data transfers of the recent CJEU decision in the well-known case, Schrems

Many businesses rely on the ability to send customers’ personal data overseas in order to provide their services. However, the decision of the CJEU, which, in the words of the UK ICO has “wider implications than just the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield”, means that these businesses should take another look at the arrangements they have in place.

Paul Schwartfeger is a domain expert on emerging technologies and has a particular interest in the interplay between technology and rights. He writes and advises businesses on various solutions in this space including blockchain, crypto, biometrics, AI and the Internet of Things. You can read Paul’s bio here:

You can listen to this new episode on the track player below, or listen to all episodes on our Podcasts page, as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

We very much hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and thank you for your continued support of the TDN.

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