When Smart Contracts and the Law Collide

Please see below the release of TDN’s latest podcast, a discussion between Sam Roberts of Cooke, Young & Keidan and Lizzie Williams of Harbottle & Lewis on the intersection between smart contracts and the law. In this unscripted interview, Sam and Lizzie cover:

  • Whether “code is law” or whether the law has the final word
  • Flash loans, recent flash loan ‘attacks’ and whether victims might have any recourse
  • Mistake in the context of smart contracts and whether the conclusions of the Singaporean courts in B2C2 Ltd v Quoine might be applied here
  • Remedies and practical issues in smart contract disputes

You can listen to this new episode on the track player below, or listen to all episodes on our Podcasts page, as well as on Spotify and iTunes.

We very much hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and thank you for your continued support of the TDN.

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